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Time Limits to File for Workers' Compensation

Time Limits to File for Workers' Compensation

In order to be eligible to receive workers’ compensation benefits, you must be aware of the various time limits that, if missed, can keep you out of the running for workers’ compensation. A good rule of thumb to follow is the sooner you file a claim, the better. In this blog, our Greenville workers’ compensation attorney explains the different time limits claimants are required to adhere to.

General exceptions to workers’ compensation filing time limits can include:

  • Injuries that result in coma
  • Injuries that are severe in nature and require prolonged treatment or surgery
  • Contagious illnesses that require that the employee be quarantined

Occupational Disease

Occupational diseases usually refers to a medical condition that has formed over more than just a one-day shift period at work. Employees who work directly with or around radiation, toxins, fumes, or even noise are subject to being diagnosed with an occupational disease later on in life. In South Carolina, a claimant must file within two years of receiving diagnoses from a doctor. Keep in mind that you should file your claims in a timely manner – should you unknowingly miss a deadline, you may not be able to file at all.

Moderate Injuries

For injuries sustained at work, state law gives employees 90 days from the day of the accident to file a claim. If your condition feels as though it may be mild or moderate, that should not discourage you from filing a claim – there’s a chance your condition or injury will worsen after the deadline for filing for a claim has passed. This is most common with employees who suffer from back injuries. While they seem rather asymptomatic at first, oftentimes employees fail to file a claim in a timely manner and it’s too late once the condition worsens.

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