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Handling a Deposition in Your Workers' Compensation Case

Handling a Deposition in Your Workers' Compensation Case

At some point during your workers’ compensation case, it’s very likely that you’ll be asked to undergo a deposition. During this process, you’ll required to answer questions while under oath. The statements you record during your deposition will be recorded and used later on in your case. In this blog, our Greenville workers’ compensation attorney share tips on how to successfully handle a workers’ compensation deposition.

Wait Before Answering

When the lawyer is asking a question, it’s important that you let him or her finish asking it before you begin answering. The question may be different than what you think it is, and you don’t want to jump to conclusions. Furthermore, the court reporter present will need to type everything verbatim, which can be difficult if you and the attorney are talking at the same time. You also want to give your lawyer the opportunity to object the question if it’s misleading or inappropriate.

Don’t Overshare or Volunteer Information

Whether it’s a nervous habit or in just in you nature, try not to ramble in your responses. You may want to give long-winded explanations to your accident and how it occurred, but the lawyers are looking for answers that are short and concise. Your requirement is to only answer the question that is being asked – if you answer with a simple “yes” or “no,” do so.

Maintain Composure

When giving your answers, you want to remain calm and polite. The other attorney will be sizing you up during the deposition, to determine the type of witness you’ll make. Coming off as a level-headed individual can only help your case. If you’re feeling especially anxious and overwhelmed, you can ask to take a break to collect yourself before resuming the deposition.

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