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Get a Second Opinion: Your Doctor Isn't Always Right

Get a Second Opinion: Your Doctor Isn't Always Right

When you see a healthcare professional, you place an immense amount of trust in their knowledge of the human body and how it works. But despite their years of schooling and training in residency programs, doctors are still human. In fact, the degree to which they make mistakes in their diagnoses is much higher than most people like to imagine.

A study recently published by Mayo Clinic researchers found that 88% of all cases saw the diagnoses change at least slightly when a second doctor became involved. In this study of 286 patients, 66% were given a slightly different diagnosis from their initial consultation while 22% received an entirely different diagnosis from their initial evaluation. It’s true that the majority of these cases were only a minor change and the initial opinion was not far off, but it’s not surprising that the fact that more than one in five cases saw a major change can be quite discomforting to many people.

This is supported by a controversial Johns Hopkins University study which named medical error as the third-leading cause of death in U.S. hospitals, behind only cardiovascular disease and cancer. In total, the National Academies of Medicine list diagnostic errors as the cause of 10% of all patient deaths and 17% of all complications in hospital care.

The Impact on You

It’s perfectly okay to trust your doctor. After all, they’re the expert who has studied medicine for years to be able to treat you. However, it’s also not a bad idea to seek a second opinion if you are faced with a moderate to serious medical issue. In her book “Think Like a Doctor,” Lisa Sanders wrote “[Medicine] is teamwork.” This is echoed by the number of patients who are greatly aided by a second opinion helping them obtain a correct diagnosis and the optimal treatment faster, which in turn, saves lives.

Obtaining the wrong treatment can be a huge mistake that can lead to a major health issue, a long recovery, or even potentially permanent damage. A second opinion can help you avoid one of these costly mistakes and allow you to recover from your condition faster.

If you have been injured by a mistake at a hospital, such as a misdiagnosis or receiving improper treatment, you may be able to hold your doctor or the hospital responsible through a medical malpractice suit. Christian & Christian have stood up to protect the rights of those who are injured by medical mistakes, and can help you obtain the compensation and treatment you deserve to set your life back to normal. Since 1975, we have stood up for the victims of medical malpractice and have strived to help each of them receive the care and compensation they need.

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