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Landmark Nursing Home Abuse Case Results & Settlements in South Carolina

Landmark Nursing Home Abuse Case Results & Settlements in South Carolina

There is never any telling just how much compensation a nursing home abuse claim can collect through a settlement or jury verdict award, as each case is different from the next. However, it is generally agreed that elders harmed through negligent or malicious caretakers should be compensated fairly to ensure they and their families can find peace again. Let us take a moment to look at some important nursing home abuse settlements in South Carolina to get a better idea of just how much compensation may be necessary.

Significant reward amounts in nursing home abuse cases across South Carolina include:

  • $950,000 settlement: An elderly woman with numerous health complications and a medical order to “never be left alone” was allowed to use the restroom by herself. She fell and suffered injury, only to be treated for them two days later. She passed away from complications due to this incident. Despite the evidence at hand, the nursing home tried to deny any liability for what happened. Due to the staff’s decision to ignore clear medical instructions and the egregious delay in treatment, a $950,000 settlement was given to the decedent’s family days before a planned trial.
  • $280,000 settlement: An elderly woman passed away while staying in an Aiken County nursing home facility. A postmortem check found that she had severe bedsores and signs of prolonged dehydration. The decedent’s family was facing an uphill legal battle, as the nursing home insisted she passed away due to complications that naturally occur at her age. The considerable settlement was approved possibly due to the fact that neither side was confident in how a trial would pan out.
  • $2,000,000 settlement: After an elderly woman passed away in a Charleston nursing home, concerns arose about allegations of persistent physical and mental abuse carried out by other residents and nursing home staff. In particular, there were scars on her body at the time of her death, indicating that she had been seriously harmed sometime within the last five years in which she stayed at the facility. The nursing home also did not have any well-established regulations to prevent violent acts between residents. Even though the nursing home claimed no responsibility, it settled for $2,000,000 just before the trial, likely since it knew it would probably lose the case.

What is HR Bill 1215?

Earlier in the year, lawmakers introduced HR Bill 121 titled the “Protecting Access to Care Act of 2017.” The representatives who wrote the bill claim it would keep nursing home costs down by limiting how much noneconomic damages plaintiffs can collect in a nursing home abuse case. The bill proposes a new cap of just $250,000. If it passes, all three of the aforementioned case results would have been dropped down to this minimal amount, despite all the suffering and pain the plaintiff parties went through. The bill is still being reviewed by Congress members but it is facing plenty of resistance from multiple sides, especially people who have loved ones living in nursing homes.

If you think it is unfair to limit noneconomic damages in nursing home abuse cases to only $250,000, you should not support HR Bill 1215. You can reach out to Congress members in your county or district, and South Carolina Senators, to voice your concerns. You can also call 864.408.8890 to connect with Christian & Christian and our Greenville nursing home abuse attorneys. We are staunch defenders of our clients’ right to be fairly compensated for another party’s wrongdoing and bring nearly a century of combined legal experience to each case we take.

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