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Trump Administration to Put Profit Over Care in Nursing Homes

Trump Administration to Put Profit Over Care in Nursing Homes

When a loved one grows older, it can be hard to decide the best method to care for them. For many people, they trust their elderly loved ones into the care of nursing homes, believing they will love and care for their parent or relative to the best of their ability. Unfortunately, in the case of men and women throughout the U.S., nursing homes are not always as caring as they’d have you believe.

In order to protect our loved ones from poor care, the 2016 Obama administration planned to cut federal funding of certain nursing homes that could not be held accountable for their actions. This move was intended to make the homes responsible for any wrongdoing against their patients. However, Trump administration is now seeking to pull that proposal. By preventing this move, the federal government enables the systematic problems with corrupt corporate lobbyists working for the nursing home industry to continue.

As it stands, the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention declares a startling 70% of nursing homes in the U.S. are run by for-profit corporations. Research also shows that more and more Wall Street investment firms are looking into the nursing home industry to turn profit. These larger profits include arbitration clauses to protect themselves from being sued, no matter what laws they break. These clauses make it next to impossible for anyone wronged or harmed by a nursing home to press charges, protect loved ones, or seek compensation for damages in a personal injury or wrongful death case.

The Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services planned to cut funding for any nursing homes whose corporations used arbitration clauses, which would protect nursing home patients from poor care. However, if the Trump administration does as it aims to and continues to fund these corporations, quality of care in nursing homes throughout the U.S. will undoubtedly decline.

To learn more, visit Daily Kos online.

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