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Veteran In Need of CPR Dies in Nursing Home as Medical Staff Laughs

Veteran In Need of CPR Dies in Nursing Home as Medical Staff Laughs

James Dempsey, aged 89, died on February 27, 2014, in the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation after the nursing home staff failed to provide life-saving CPR. Dempsey’s family thought he had died of natural causes but later discovered that the nursing home medical staff failed to provide adequate care. A video recorded by a secret camera hidden by Dempsey and his family revealed the inexcusable lack of care at the Atlanta nursing home. Dempsey can be seen gasping for air while the nurses calmly move around him and, at one point, even laugh over his bed.

In the video, James Dempsey shows visible signs of distress, pressing the call button for the nurses and even calling “help me” multiple times. A nurse appears nearly 8 minutes after Dempsey pushed his button. Then nurse seems to check some of the devices around Dempsey, lowers his bed, and leaves him alone once more as he continues to gasp for breath. Nearly an hour later, a nurse returns to the room where Dempsey then lies unconscious.

Wanda Nuckles, the nursing supervisor on duty the night of Dempsey’s death, appears in the room after having received a call from the nurse attending Dempsey. The video shows Nuckles moving around the room, standing by Dempsey’s bed and lifting his bed sheet. Neither nurse appears to attempt CPR to save Dempsey. A few minutes later, a third nurse enters the room, and at one point someone leans over the patient’s bed and laughs. Nobody has yet performed CPR. Eventually, after spending several minutes in the room with Dempsey, Nuckles attempts CPR with only 6 compressions, then she stops.

After this video was discovered, the Northeast Atlanta Health and Rehabilitation attempted to have the footage sealed, but failed. The family of James Dempsey has since sued the facility for their actions.

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Sadly, nursing home abuse is not uncommon. Some patients are afraid to tell their families while others are incapable of doing so. Whatever the reason, it is important to hold abusers responsible for any harm inflicted on nursing home patients.

If someone you love has suffered nursing home abuse that caused injury or death, our firm wants to help. Contact Christian & Christian for legal help regarding your nursing home abuse case in Greenville.


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