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Back-To-School Road Safety Tips for Teens

Back-To-School Road Safety Tips for Teens

As fall rolls around, many teens are driving to school for the first time. While this is an exciting event for them, it is one that strikes fear in your heart, as you want to do everything in your power to protect them from the dangers on the road. Sadly, teens are more likely to crash due to a number of factors, first and foremost being their lack of experience. Teens are also likely to drive while drowsy, distracted, impaired, or otherwise recklessly. Despite the harrowing statistics involving teen driving, you can rest assured there are certain practices that will help keep your teen safe while he or she is behind the wheel.

The following are important ways parents can prevent teen driving accidents and tragedies:

  • Lead by example – Teens are more likely to emulate what they see. If your teen sees you talking on the phone or texting while driving, he or she will believe this is an approved practice that he or she can do as well.
  • Purchase a safe car – If this is your teen’s first car, make sure it is a reliable and safe model. It doesn’t make sense to put your teen in a sports car, as he or she will be far more likely to take it for a joy ride.
  • Practice driving as much as possible – You will feel a sense of peace if you know exactly how your teen behaves while behind the wheel. If you are there to practice with your teen for at least 30-50 hours, you will impart good driving practices. You will also be more aware of his or her various weaknesses, depending on the weather and traffic conditions. Then, you can work on fixing these issues by practicing together.
  • Set limits – Accidents are more likely to happen at night, as it is not only darker but there are also more drunk drivers on the road. Don’t allow your teen to surpass a certain number of passengers, as they too can serve as a distraction.
  • Create an agreement – If your teen feels responsible to keep up with a contract he or she has set up with you, this will minimize the chances of reckless or distracted driving.

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