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Calculating Damages and Compensation for Catastrophic Injury

Calculating Damages and Compensation for Catastrophic Injury

The Damage Formula and Your Injury Case

Accidents at work or on the road can change your life in an instant. You can be left with piles of bills and insurmountable stress if you don’t protect yourself and take the steps to ensure the responsible party is held accountable.

At Christian & Christian, we understand how insurance companies calculate the costs of long-term care using the damage and compensation formula, and we can help you get what you are due. Retain an experienced personal injury or workers’ compensation lawyer from our team to maximize your chances at a full and fair settlement.

What Is the Damage and Compensation Formula?

At the submission of a claim, insurance adjusters will compile the medical expenses related to the injury and come to a total. These are the “medical special damages.” Typically, this amount is multiplied by 1.5-5 to figure out what the pain, suffering and emotional damages are (number is dependent upon severity of injury), and this total is called “general damages.”

The “special damages” amount multiplied by 1.5-5 is added to the total lost wages resulting from the accident to reach an amount where negotiations begin for the plaintiff (injured party.) Most insurance adjustors will not reveal their amount during a case. Your attorney will do the same, protecting the calculation and going straight to negotiations (which will involve consideration of factors not included in the original calculation).

Factors that will affect your end settlement include consideration of:

  • Invasiveness of medical treatment increasing proportionately with settlement
  • Painfulness of injury affecting the end of the scale at which they calculate for the formula
  • Lengthiness of recovery increasing the settlement amount
  • Obviousness of medical evidence affecting the formula because it is more tangible
  • Seriousness or visibility of permanent effect of your injury increasing settlement

With legal representation from an experienced, passionate Grenville catastrophic injury attorney, your stress about the future can lighten, knowing you are in capable hands. Our team knows how to build a strong case for your settlement, utilizing the skills of our nurse consultant to determine the goal amount of compensation.

Greenville Catastrophic Injury Attorneys

If you’ve been involved in an accident or work-related injury that requires long term-care and affects your future, you deserve compensation for pain and suffering, medical bills, lost wages and emotional damages. You should not have to pay for some else’s mistake, especially when it caused a major change in your life. Insurance companies will want to pay out the least amount of money they can get away with! You need support from an experienced Greenville catastrophic injury lawyer from our team. We know how to calculate damages and we can fight for what you deserve.

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