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Is My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Work-Related?

Is My Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Work-Related?

Carpal tunnel syndrome occurs when the median nerve in a person’s wrist becomes pinched as it travels through the wrist in the “tube” called the carpal tunnel. This compression of the nerve can result in numbness, weakness and tingling in the thumb and fingers. If your profession requires repetitive motion that could possibly be causing this condition, your injury is likely work-related.

Causes of carpal tunnel include:

  • Constant pressure from the position of your wrists while typing or using your computer mouse
  • Prolonged exposure to vibration due to tools used at work
  • Repetitive motions done during work, such as playing piano, typing, cutting hair, etc.

If you have notified your employer of a work-related repetitive stress injury, he or she may want to do a workspace evaluation or discuss modifying your work environment to see if it eases the problem.

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What Workspace Modifications Might Help?

Your employer may request that an ergonomics team or representative (usually provided by workers’ compensation insurance adjusters) evaluate your work environment to help ease the discomfort and begin healing, if possible. This is also a way for employers to make sure they are doing their part to keep their employees healthy and happy, avoiding workers’ compensation claims.

Ways that your workspace may be modified:

  • Adjust your keyboard so your wrists are not bent while you type
  • Check how you sit and your spatial relationship to your desk
  • Recommend ways to sit or stand while working
  • Provide a wrist pad for typing or mouse use
  • Examine tools that you use and make necessary modifications or exchange the tools for ones suited to your body
  • Provide assistance-tools for your existing tools, or to aid in stress relief

What If My Workspace Modifications Did Not Help?

If your injury does not improve with your new work space or environment, it is time to consider next steps in protecting yourself. You will probably be speaking with your employer about a workers’ compensation claim and going to doctor’s appointments to discuss physical therapy, time off, and/or medical procedures. If your injury persists, you may need surgery, resulting in missed work and expensive medical bills. You do not want to face workers’ compensation companies alone. Retaining a workers’ compensation lawyer from Christian & Christian ensures you are protected and will be represented by a competent and experienced ally.

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If you are dealing with a repetitive stress injury such as carpal tunnel and your workspace modifications did not help with your pain, you may have a case. Our workers’ compensation lawyers can help you determine the compensation suitable for your injury, including any lost wages or medical expenses you have incurred. We are experienced in cases involving repetitive stress injuries and we can help you get what you deserve.

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