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Golf Cart Laws In South Carolina

Golf Cart Laws In South Carolina

With golfing season approaching, it is important to remember that South Carolina has specific laws for using golf carts. Because South Carolina golf cart laws have changed over the last few years, we provide you with the information that you need to know.

Common Questions Regarding South Carolina Golf Cart LawsGolf Cart after an accident

  • Who Is Allowed to Drive a Golf Cart?
    • In South Carolina, you have to be at least 16 years old and have a driver’s license to operate a golf cart. Children and unlicensed drivers cannot drive a golf cart on a public road, this includes your neighborhood. Even if you are sitting next to your child in a golf cart, they still cannot operate the vehicle. If your child does drive a golf cart and gets into an accident, you can be held liable for child endangerment and negligent entrustment.

  • Do Golf Carts Have to Be Registered?
    • If you will be using your golf cart on private property, you don’t have to register it. But if you plan to use it on a public road, you will need a permit from the South Carolina Department of motor vehicles. The permit has to be renewed every 5 years or whenever you change your address.

  • When Can You Operate A Golf Cart?
    • South Carolina golf cart laws Golf carts can only be driven during daylight hours. During this time, you can use secondary highways or streets that have a speed limit of 35 mph or less. The golf cart must stay:
      • Within four miles of the registered address
      • Within four miles of an entry or exit to a gated community
      • On an island that can’t be accessed by a bridge intended for use by automobiles

  • Things to Keep With You When Driving Your Golf Cart
    • If you are driving a golf cart in South Carolina, you need to have the following things on you:
      • DMV issued registration certificate
      • Proof of liability insurance
      • Your driver’s license

Golf carts are also required to have headlights, tail lights, and blinkers, just like other motor vehicles that are used on the road. Drinking alcohol in a golf cart is illegal and can result in a DUI or citation for open container. Other than the distance limitations we discussed above, golf carts must adhere to the same traffic laws that apply to other motor vehicles. Never assume you have the right-of-way just because you are in a golf cart, doing so can cause a serious accident.

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