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What to Do if a Drug or Medical Device You Use is Recalled

What to Do if a Drug or Medical Device You Use is Recalled

In the modern world, many people rely on medical devices or pharmaceutical drugs to treat health conditions. Advances in the medical field have resulted in thousands of revolutionary inventions that help people live their lives to the fullest. Sadly, not every drug or device does what it was intended for, or has dangerous side effects that can harm patients. When these defects are identified — either through safety tests or after someone is actually hurt — the product may be recalled.

Recalls of medical products are issued by the manufacturer or government regulatory agencies such as the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). Reading the news and seeing that a drug or medical device you use is being recalled is extremely jarring. If you learn of a recall of something you rely on for medical treatment, stay calm, educate yourself, and learn your rights.

Learn the Details of the Recall

In a recall announcement, or a news report on a recall, information about what is being recalled and why is the main focus. In addition, an announcement may also include information on how the recall will be carried out, how to return the item (if possible), and if stopping use is recommended.

Recall announcements are informational pieces that are meant to inform consumers of the general details of a recall. If you are unsure if the recall applies to you, but an announcement raises concern, you can reach out to the drug or device manufacturer to inquire about your specific case. Contact information for manufacturers is often included in recall announcements as well.

The generality of a recall announcement means that even if you use the defective drug or device, it may not apply to you — how you go forward following a recall should be discussed with a medical professional.

Visit Your Doctor

When medical devices and medications are recalled, the FDA usually informs patients about whether or not they advise halting a drug prescription or removing a medical device. Before making any medical decisions about how to proceed, it is crucial to speak to a professional about what is best for you. Although there may be risks associated with the use of the recalled product, it is possible that stopping use will have a negative impact on your health. Every patient is different, and will be affected by a recalled device in a different way. Your doctor will also be able to evaluate if you have developed any of the medical conditions associated with the device or drug.

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