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Who is Liable for Rollover Accidents?

Who is Liable for Rollover Accidents?

Rollover accidents occur when something causes a vehicle to completely flip over, and continue rolling. Although it may seem like the most common cause of this is reckless driving — for example, a too-quick turn or sudden swerve — rollover accidents are more frequently attributed to outside factors.

The Vehicle Manufacturer

Although the actions of a reckless driver or hazardous road conditions can certainly contribute to a rollover accident, these types of car accidents are commonly the result of a vehicle’s design. Some types of cars are just more likely to be involved in a rollover accident because of their shape, including trucks, Jeeps, and SUVs.

Road Maintenance Companies

An uneven or slippery roadway can be the catalyst that causes a vehicle that is already prone to rollover accidents to flip. When a driver hits a bump in the road, it can cause their car to get off balance. A city or road maintenance company could be liable if street conditions contribute to a rollover accident.

A Driver

Similar to any car accident case, the fault in rollover accidents can sometimes be attributed to the actions of a driver. Whether it is because of the actions of the person driving the vehicle that rolled over, or another driver who behaved recklessly, a driver’s negligence can quickly cause damage.

The person behind the wheel of the rolled-over vehicle can cause an accident by turning too quickly, driving too fast, or by being under the influence of alcohol or drugs. Another driver can make someone else rollover if they drive in a way that causes someone to swerve or jerk their vehicle. In cases of truck accidents, an 18-wheeler may roll over because of overweight cargo or a driver’s inability to control their truck due to intoxication, fatigue, or inexperience.

If your vehicle is a type of car that is prone to rollover accidents, there are multiple parties who may be at fault. To determine who is responsible for your rollover accident, you should enlist the help of our experienced attorneys.

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