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Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits for Fatal Accidents

Workers’ Compensation Death Benefits for Fatal Accidents

The loss of a loved one is devastating, no matter the cause. In addition to the pain of losing a person in your life, a deceased person’s family may also need to face the overwhelming processes involved with resolving their final affairs and holding a funeral. These post-death responsibilities can be even more intimidating if the person was killed in a fatal work accident.

In these cases, the victim’s family will need to confront questions about who is responsible for the death of their loved one, and how they can be held accountable. The workers’ compensation system provides death benefits to the loved ones of the victims of fatal on-the-job injuries.

What are Death Benefits?

Death benefits provide compensation for the damages resulting from an employee’s death. Like general workers’ compensation benefits, this often includes coverage for medical bills. Additionally, beneficiaries are usually provided with compensation that is meant to serve as a replacement for the deceased person’s income. This gives the victim’s family a source of financial support upon the death. Death benefits also provide coverage for the expenses that are directly related to the person’s passing, such as funeral and burial costs.

Depending on the details of a case, a deceased person’s family may be able to receive additional benefits that account for non-economic damages. Although workers’ compensation is generally a no-fault system, it is possible that the employer and other responsible parties could be held liable for additional damages.

Who Can Receive Workers’ Compensation Benefits Following the Death of an Employee?

Benefits are available to the people who are most significantly impacted by the death of an employee, both financially and emotionally. Specifically, the victim’s dependents can usually receive compensation. Dependents are generally a person’s spouse and children (particularly children under the age of 18 or adult children who financially rely on the income of the deceased).

If a fatal work accident victim did not have any dependents at the time of their death, benefits may be provided to partial dependents, children who are not financially dependent on the deceased, and other family members.

The attorneys of Christian & Christian can help your family recover compensation following the work-related death of your loved one. We will help you file a claim, and can handle other processes such as appealing a denied claim. We offer our condolences during this time, and will provide support and guidance throughout the progression of your claim.

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