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Tractor trailers, also known as Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) or semi-trucks, are some of the most recognizable sights on America’s highways. Measuring well over 40 tons and outweighing 16 average-sized cars, these vehicles can be a catastrophic force when things go wrong. The accidents that result are devastating, and if the carrier has failed to perform their duties, they may be liable for your injuries.

Read more about the differences between tractor trailer accidents and those involving standard cars on our blog.

As of 2016, 66% of the people who died in large truck crashes were passengers of other cars, largely due to the disparity in size between vehicles. This means tractor trailer drivers and the companies that sponsor them have a responsibility to ensure your safety on the road. That’s why our Greenville truck accident attorneys are dedicated to carefully reviewing your case and acting as your advocates. You won’t have to pay unless we recover damages for your case and secure a fair compensation on your behalf.

Some of the key responsibilities of tractor trailer drivers and companies include:

  • Regular repairs: A fairly common cause behind large truck accidents is brake failure, particularly in adverse road conditions. The company that owns the tractor trailer is responsible for consistent repairs to prevent accidents.
  • CDL certification: In every state, the requirements vary for interstate travel, but one thing remains the same: All truck drivers must carry a valid Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) and have completed the necessary certifications. If they have not, the company and driver may be held liable.
  • Driver alertness: It might be surprising, but truck companies are also responsible for helping to prevent driver fatigue, which is one of the most common causes of tractor trailer accidents. By encouraging irregular driving hours and applying severe pressure to meet deadlines, some companies take advantage of their drivers and cause serious accidents.
  • Vehicle inspections: All vehicles on the road need to be inspected regularly, and this is especially true in the case of tractor trailers. Carriers that have failed to perform regular inspections have failed in their responsibility to ensure the safety of drivers.
  • Daily driver inspections: Many carriers require their drivers to perform a pre- and post-trip inspection, and to alert the company if the vehicle shows any signs of disrepair.

Have You Been Injured? Christian & Christian Can Help.

If you were injured in a tractor trailer accident, we understand how overwhelming it can be to revisit your accident again. But it’s important to carefully document the damage to both your vehicle and your person, so your legal counsel can prepare an effective personal injury case. Take photos of the damage and keep all documents related to your injury. Arming yourself with information will help our team of attorneys protect your rights, as well as the rights of other drivers who deserve to travel safely on America’s roads.

Hold big companies accountable when you’ve been injured. Contact our team in Greenvilleand receive a free consultation on your case.

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