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Types of Auto Accidents

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Types of Car Accidents

Auto accidents can involve a range of scenarios, including various types of impacts and various locations. In any situation, the type of accident that occurs can provide tremendous insight into who may be held accountable. Examples of accidents classified by their type include:

  • Airbag Defects: Some of the most high-profile product liability lawsuits stem from airbag failure, including the famous Takata airbag case in which over thirty million vehicles were recalled due to exploding shrapnel on impact. But there are many other common airbag failures for which companies can be held liable. A few common defects that can cause airbag failure are poor construction, ignition switch failure, faulty electrical wiring, faulty sensors, or excess propellant.

  • Drunk Driving Accidents: Drunk driving is still a massive problem throughout the country. In 2015, more than 10,000 people died in alcohol-impaired crashes, accounting for nearly 30% of all traffic-related deaths in the United States. Most states allow the victims of drunk drivers to seek financial compensation for injuries and other damages the intoxicated driver caused. If the driver was found to be legally intoxicated, even if they are facing criminal charges, you can still pursue punitive damages against him or her. Punitive damages can significantly increase the amount of compensation you receive because they are designed to punish financially and make an example of the drunk driver. Likewise, even if the driver is found guilty of a DUI, you can still pursue a case against the driver.

  • Failure to Maintain: Commercial trucks transport heavy loads of cargo for thousands of miles. Because they travel so much, they need to be maintained regularly. Failure to perform routine maintenance could have devastating consequences. Failure to provide adequate maintenance could lead to equipment malfunctions, which could cause a devastating accident. Whatever your situation, our legal team will help you file a claim and uphold your right to a settlement.

  • Head-On Collisions: Head-on collisions occur when two cars driving in the opposite directions crash into each other. These accidents are particularly rare, but when they happen, the results can be devastating. A head-on collision can cause catastrophic injuries, immense amounts of property damage, and even wrongful deaths. These types of accidents are usually the result of negligence. Drunk drivers can sometimes drive on the wrong side of the road, which puts them and others at high risk of head-on collisions. They can also be caused by distracted drivers, fatigued drivers, and by brake failure. Head-on accidents can also be caused by undivided, two-lane roads.

  • Side Impact Accidents: Side-impact collisions often happen at intersections and in parking lots, where cars usually travel perpendicular to one another. They typically occur as the result of one of the drivers failing to yield a right-of-way or running a stop sign or stop light. Likewise, side-swiping can also happen if a vehicle swerves out of control and slams into a solid object or another car. The severity of the damage and injury will depend on the type of vehicle struck, what the vehicle is hit by, the safety features involved, and the speed at which the T-bone occurred.

  • Rear-End Accidents: Some people think if a person rear-ends another car, the vehicle in the back is the negligent driver. After all, the person following behind should be taking extra care to leave a cushion of space between the front of their car and the back of the vehicle ahead to prevent such an accident. However, it is possible for the driver of the automobile that gets rear-ended to be negligent as well. For example, if the car ahead reverses suddenly, the driver stops suddenly to make a turn and fails to execute the turn, or the driver’s brake lights are broken, it may be impossible for the car following to avoid striking the vehicle ahead.

  • Rollover Accidents: More than 10,000 people die in rollover accidents every year. Sadly, rollovers are very common and often have nothing to do with the driver’s handling of roadway conditions, traffic, etc. In many cases, they are inevitable due to the way such cars are built or designed. This is especially true in box-shaped vehicles with a more square base, such as SUVs, in which rollover accidents are often fatal. If not fatal, rollover accidents tend to cause the roofs of rolling vehicles to crush inward, harming the driver and passengers inside and leading to extensive physical injury.

  • Property Damage from Accidents: While car accidents are a leading cause of injury and death in the U.S., they also cause a tremendous amount of damage to property. Whether motorists suffer injuries in preventable accidents, or are lucky enough to escape with only damage to their vehicle, they can suffer a great deal of stress, strain, and financial losses related to property damage alone. Fortunately, there are ways to recover those damages. In South Carolina, victims have the right to hold negligent motorists and other at-fault parties accountable for any injuries and property damage they suffer in car accidents.

  • Hit and Run Accidents: Even in cases where you do not know who hit you in an accident, it is still possible to file a claim with your own insurance company if you have uninsured motorist coverage. In the state of South Carolina, there are some requirements you have to prove to successfully file a claim. Regardless of why a hit and run accident, leaving the scene of an accident before it is appropriate to do so is against the law and, if you were the victim of such a crime, you need an attorney who will fight for you.

  • Distracted Driving Accidents: While we generally think of mobile phones when we think of distracted driving, any activity that takes one’s attention away from the road is considered distracted driving. This includes eating and drinking, grooming, talking to passengers, adjusting a GPS device, reaching for something in the vehicle, and adjusting the radio or an MP3 player.

  • Under-insured/ Uninsured Motorists: When motorists lack sufficient insurance to cover all damages suffer by victims they harm, those victims may have options for making up the difference by filing claims with their own auto insurance carrier, provided they have under-insured motorist coverage. Because this additional coverage can make the difference when it matters most, it is strongly advised that any motorist look into purchasing UM / UIM coverage.

  • Uber/ Lyft Accidents: People involved in Uber or Lyft accidents inevitably find themselves asking, “Whose insurance applies?” This somewhat depends on your role in the accident and whether you were a passenger or driver. However, if the rideshare driver was responsible for the accident, their personal insurance policy will typically be applied in order to help you cover the costs of your injuries and losses.

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No matter what type of accident it is, or what factors are involved, all wrecks have the potential to disrupt the lives of victims and their loved ones, especially if they result in catastrophic injuries or even death. Fortunately, our legal system allows auto accident victims to hold at-fault motorists and entities accountable for their negligence, and liable for their damages. Making the most of this opportunity can begin with placing your trust in proven attorneys.

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