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Greenville Business Interruption Insurance Claims

Bad Faith Insurance Lawyers Serving Greenville & South Carolina

Many of the nation’s top insurers offer business interruption insurance. This valuable coverage is designed to help you stay on your feet in case of disaster. Most business interruption policies cover not only your lost income but also any operating expenses you still have while your business is being restored.

Typically, business interruption insurance covers physical damage to your business and the consequences of that damage. It comes into play most often after fires, floods, and even hurricanes. Still, some policies cover infectious diseases and acts of government, and others have exemptions for certain disasters.

To make a valid claim, you must file after a “covered disaster” and adhere to the language of your policy. Sometimes, your policy will not specify whether or not a particular disaster is covered, so you will have to show that the nature of the damage is addressed in the way the policy is written.

Interpreting insurance policies is difficult and can inspire disagreements. Our insurance attorneys at Christian & Christian can help ensure your voice is heard.

Physical Damage

Almost all business interruption policies are based on physical damage or situations where your company “has to vacate the premises due to disaster-related damage.” To make a valid claim, you will have to show exactly how and why your business is unfit for use.

In a fire or similar circumstances, this may be very easy to prove, but in the case of an infectious disease or an act of government, you may have to work harder. Some insurers may deny your claim if you cannot prove that your business is contaminated, but others may accept a written order from a government official.

In any case, your insurer must honor any valid claim you make. If they delay a response, fail to investigate, require ridiculous amounts of proof, or behave unfairly, they may be acting in bad faith.

This is where our Greenville bad faith attorneys come into play.

What Is Bad Faith?

All insurance policies are governed by the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing. This principle applies whenever 2 or more parties enter into a contract, and it essentially means if one party honors the terms of the agreement, the other parties must honor it, as well.

You honor your end of the contract by paying your insurance premiums. Your insurance company honors its end of the deal by providing benefits in the event of a natural disaster.

If your insurer fails to uphold the implied covenant of good faith and fair dealing, they are acting in bad faith.

Examples of insurance bad faith include:

  • Denying a valid claim without a written and reasonable explanation
  • Significantly undervaluing a claim
  • Intentionally misinterpreting policy language
  • Refusing to decide a claim promptly
  • Delays in claim investigation
  • Requiring excessive evidence
  • Manipulating or threatening policyholders

When you lose your business, you lose your income. Income loss is specifically covered under most business insurance policies, and in the case of an emergency, your insurance is more important than ever.

If you have experienced an unreasonable denial or any of the inappropriate behaviors above, call us at (864) 408-8890 today.

COVID-19 Claims

Whether or not your coronavirus (COVID-19) claim will be covered depends on your policy and its exemptions. If infectious diseases are specifically exempted, you may have a hard time making a valid claim, but due to widespread stay-at-home orders, you may be partially covered if your policy contains “act of government” provisions. Conversely, if you have extra coverage for infectious diseases, your claim should be honored.

For most policies, we expect to see situations where infectious diseases are not addressed specifically. In these cases, interpreting the language of your insurance contract will be crucial. That being said, the insurance industry expects as many as 30 million claims from businesses that suffered coronavirus-related losses. The more claims an insurer is faced with, the more likely they are to act in bad faith in an attempt to protect profits. As a result, you may need legal help.

Why Choose Christian & Christian?

Our attorneys have over 100 years of combined experience and our firm has been helping residents of Greenville and North Carolina since 1975. We have been dealing with insurance companies for more than a century and are familiar with how policies are worded and paid out.

Your business interruption policy may cover the revenue you would have earned, your operating expenses, and even extra revenue during your restoration period.

To fight for the benefits you paid for, contact Christian & Christian today. Click here or call us at (864) 408-8890 to schedule your free consultation and begin discussing your case.

We can get through this, together, and we look forward to helping you with your insurance dispute.

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