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10 Halloween Safety Hazards to Watch for This Fall

10 Halloween Safety Hazards to Watch for This Fall

Halloween is almost every kid’s favorite holiday, but for parents, it can seem like a safety nightmare. Because most Halloween activities happen after the sun sets, there are many safety hazards that await teens and kids who venture out to trick-or-treat.

To keep your kids safe and sound over this holiday, it’s important to sit down with them well in advance and remind them about some of the risks. It’s also a good idea to plan your schedule around accompanying them, or to plan a group outing that will ensure they remain safe in someone else’s care. At Christian & Christian, our injury lawyers have compiled a few of the best safety tips to keep in mind this Halloween.

The top 10 safety tips to protect kids during Halloween include:

  1. Check that all costumes are flame-resistant. People love to put candles around their porches as part of their Halloween decorations – and while this can be very festive, it’s also extremely dangerous if your child is wearing a flammable costume. Unfortunately, many kid’s costumes are made of synthetic and flammable materials. That’s why it’s important to double check the materials for your child’s favorite costume before buying it.
  2. Put reflective tape on your kids. Reflective tape is life-saving for bikers, joggers, and anyone who frequently walks outside at night. The same principle applies for kids at Halloween: Add reflective tape to the backs of little arms, legs, and bags to keep cars at bay.
  3. Don’t use decorative contact lenses. Did you know that many decorative contact lenses can scratch your corneas or retinas? Because these products are not always vetted by ophthalmologists, it’s extremely dangerous to don red eyes for Halloween, no matter how well it complements your kid’s costume.
  4. Never eat homemade treats. While it’s actually a myth that people include razor blades in home-baked treats and unwrapped candies, it can still be dangerous to eat a stranger’s home goods. With risks that include foodborne illnesses and poisoning, those tempting brownies may need to head to the trash (unless they come from a certified food service vendor or a close family friend.)
  5. Always observe the buddy system. The buddy system will never go out of style. Although teenagers probably don’t need to be supervised by an adult, remind teens that going with a large group is much safer than going alone, or even with a single friend. Additionally, make sure that children under the age of 12 are accompanied by an adult at all times.
  6. Don’t look at your phone while walking. Now that many of today’s kids are glued to a glowing cell phone screen, it’s important to instill good tech habits at an early age. Many fatal pedestrian accidents are caused by distracted walkers, so remind your kids to keep their eyes on the road, and share statistics if necessary.
  7. Wait to eat your candy at home. Kids may be eager to dive into their candy buckets, but institute a strict “wait until you get home” policy for all candy and sugary goods. Aside from helping you monitor their sugar consumption, this will ensure that you can root out unsafe products before they cause serious harm.
  8. Make sure that costumes fit properly. A loose cape or an ill-fitting mask could make it difficult for your child to maneuver through busy residential streets. From tripping to falling into traffic, a poorly-fitted costume could tip the scale in a dangerous situation.
  9. Stay on sidewalks and crosswalks. Sidewalks and crosswalks are there for a reason: To help pedestrians stay safe. Practice good road safety when you’re walking with children to set a good example.
  10. Make eye contact with drivers. It may sound uncomfortable, but making eye contact with drivers can save a life. Tell your kids to always visually connect with the oncoming driver before making a single move into a crosswalk.

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At Christian & Christian, we hope that you and your family have a fun and safe Halloween this year. If something does happen, whether because of a negligent property owner or an unsafe food product, you can contact our team for assistance. With almost 100 years of combined legal experience, a practice of working on contingency fees, and an AV® Rating by Martindale-Hubbell®, we can help you navigate the process of filing a claim for damages.

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