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South Carolina Nursing Home Neglect FAQ

Christian & Christian’s South Carolina nursing home neglect FAQ can help you find answers about your potential claim. We can help.

There are many signs of neglect in nursing homes, which can lead to questions about the safety of that nursing home, how to pursue legal action, who is responsible for the neglect and much more. Elderly neglect, specifically in nursing homes, is a result of poor training and understaffing. Because of this, neglect can take the form of lack of clothing, bed sores, insufficient eating schedules and more. Below is a compilation of questions we’ve received from families all over Florence, Lake City, Bamberg and Greenville regarding nursing home neglect.


What’s considered nursing home neglect?

Nursing home neglect is the result of insufficient care that causes suffering, both mentally and physically. Common neglect cases include lack of food, water, shelter, hygiene, and essential medical care like medication or physician visits.

How do I recognize elderly neglect?

Most neglect cases can be spotted if you look for hygiene or probe questions about your loved one’s eating or medication schedule. If you notice smelly clothing, stained sheets, lack of water by your loved one’s bedside or even bed sores on their body, you most likely have a neglect case on your hands.

Who is responsible for nursing home neglect?

The nursing home is directly responsible. All caregivers in the nursing home must follow regulations outlined by the Bureau of Health Facilities Licensing in South Carolina. Additionally, it is illegal NOT to report neglect as a caregiver if you see red flags in the nursing home.

Who do I report nursing home neglect to?

If you’ve been visiting your loved one or you’re a caregiver that notices neglect, it is important to report neglect directly to the head of care at the nursing home. If nothing is done, you may contact the police to start an investigation or call your local Ombudsman.

What do bed sores look like? How do I spot them?

Bed sores, also known as pressure ulcers, look like a red, raw patch of skin on the body. If you’re experiencing bed sores, it’s likely due to hygiene problems and too much time spent in bed. If you notice bed sores or have bed sores, you must seek care for antibiotic treatment immediately.

Can I sue for nursing home neglect?

Absolutely. Nursing home neglect is a serious offense that can cause long-term suffering. If you’ve put your trust in the hands of a medical facility, you expect nothing but exceptional care. Both the elderly patient or family of the patient can pursue legal action.

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