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Nursing Home Employee Cyberbullies Alzheimer’s Patient

Nandhina Lance, a former employee of SweetGrass Court Assisted Living in Mount Pleasant, South Carolina, [...]

Nursing Home Resident Eaten Alive by Highly Treatable Scabies Infestation

What Is Scabies? Scabies (also sometimes referred to as “sarcoptic mange”) is a contagious skin [...]

Congress Puts Pressure on Nursing Home Oversight

On April 3rd, four Republican Congressmen sent a letter to federal regulators that asked for [...]

Tennessee Nursing Home Management Company Experiencing Financial Struggles

Orianna Health Systems, a nursing home management company, has recently fallen on hard times. In [...]

Emotional Abuse in Nursing Homes

Understanding the Various Forms of Elder Emotional Abuse Senior adults can experience emotional abuse at [...]

What to Do When You Suspect Nursing Home Abuse

When the time comes to relocate an aging loved one to a senior living facility, [...]

Florida Nursing Home Shuts Down After Multiple Reports of Abuse

In October of 2017, an 86-year-old man with dementia was beaten for roughly 2 minutes [...]

Nursing Home Negligence

Nursing homes and elder care facilities are places that are supposed to take care of [...]

Study Reveals that Nursing Homes Use Deceptive Tactics to Improve Ratings

When choosing a nursing home facility, many people look at the ratings to determine which [...]

Increasing Accounts of Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse Gone Ignored

The growing epidemic of nursing home abuse across the state of Minnesota is out of [...]