Greenville Paragard IUD Lawsuit FAQ

Our Greenville SC law firm provides assistance to those seeking Personal Injury Legal Action. At Christian & Christian, our Personal Injury Lawyers represent a variety of cases, which includes the recent Paragard IUD Lawsuit. If you have been injured by the Paragard IUD, you could qualify for legal action, and our firm wants to help. Read on below to get answers to your common questions regarding the Paragard Lawsuit.

What is the Paragard IUD Lawsuit?

The Paragard IUD Lawsuit is a claim for financial compensation after multiple women were recently injured by the IUD upon removal despite the Paragard product being sold on claims of being “easy to remove.”

Who Owns Paragard?

The Paragard IUD was originally manufactured by Teva Pharmaceuticals. Recently, however, Teva Industries sold it’s Paragard contraceptive brand to Cooper Cos COO.N for over a billion dollars.

Is the Paragard IUD Bad For Me?

Paragard is an IUD option, often compared to the Mirena IUD, that has recently sparked controversy after the medical device broke upon removal. The Paragard device contains no hormones and can prevent pregnancy for up to 10 years, which some say are the benefits of getting a copper IUD.

What is the Paragard IUD Made From?

The Paragard IUD is often referred to as a “copper IUD” because of it’s copper coating around the arms and stem of the product. There are two thin monofilament polyethylene threads on the bottom of the product that are not copper-lined.

Are Copper IUDs Bad?

The medical field remains adamant that copper IUDs are not bad for women nor have high enough copper levels to cause toxicity, however, some women have voiced that they feel they have suffered symptoms of toxicity after using a copper IUD.

Why Are People Talking About the Paragard IUD Lawsuit?

Women have raised many red flags over the Paragard Copper IUD product after saying that the manufacturer was misleading and failed to warn about possible breakage upon removal. Though the IUD is non-hormonal, thanks to it’s copper coating, some women also say they have experienced backache, anemia and other symptoms because of the toxicity level in copper products.

What Can I Expect My IUD Lawsuit Settlement Amount to Be?

Depending on severity of the break, bodily injury, timeline and many more factors, your settlement amount may vary. Please give our Greenville Personal Injury Lawyers a call to discuss legal action.

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