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Daycare Injuries

Daycare Injuries

Parents are often nervous about leaving their children at a daycare, particularly one they’ve never used before. When their kids come home with scrapes and bruises, they don’t know whether these injuries are normal or whether they were caused by a negligent staff member.

Licensed childcare facilities have a legal obligation to prevent and report any and all child injuries that happen. Likewise, childcare professionals should be trained on how to respond to all harm that might occur to children under their care. Your childcare facility should be reporting your child’s injuries to you, and they should also be treated, if possible, by the facility staff.

Children are also accident prone, so many injuries are common at daycare facilities. For example, cuts, scrapes, and bruises sustained on the playground are standard and are not indicative of negligence. Falling is actually the leading cause of child injuries at a daycare. Around 50% to 60% of childcare injuries take place on the playground.

Some injuries are also more severe. Children can be unintentionally poisoned, drowned, burned, or suffocated, depending on the situation and the level of care the daycare facility is taking with their safety precautions. If no one is watching a child as he or she falls into a fountain, for example, this might be considered negligent behavior.

However, there are other injuries you should also be aware of. If your child is being intentionally harmed by staff or by an aggressive child, you should know what to look for. Kids who come home with repeated injuries or injuries that don’t make sense, such as bruises in the shape of a hand or object, might indicate abuse. Likewise, if your child can’t walk or climb, there is less reason for your kid to have sustained broken bones.

While many injuries are the fairly typical result of kids running too quickly or not paying attention on the playground, others should be further scrutinized. If you suspect your child is being abused at a daycare, or you believe the staff of being negligent, give our skilled Greenville premises liability attorneys a call. Christian & Christian has more than 95 years of combined legal experience to offer your case. Let us see what we can do for you.

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