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The Purpose of The Civil Justice System

Why do people believe there are too many lawsuits in America? For some reason, one [...]

Camp Lejeune Water Contamination Resources

For 30 years, Military members and families lived at Camp Lejeune and ingested toxic water [...]

Forced Arbitration Clauses Could Be Severely Limited by New CFPB Rule

Financial institutions and large corporations have been relying on forced arbitration clauses for decades to [...]

Navigating the Adoption Process

Deciding to grow your family is a large enough decision, but those who decide to [...]

Wells Fargo Is Using Arbitration to End Customer Suits

Earlier this year, Wells Fargo admitted it had opened thousands of accounts without the consent [...]

Understanding Our National Opioid Epidemic

When most people think of “opiates,” dangerous narcotics like heroin likely come to mind. However, [...]

Huffington Post Launches Series on Johnson & Johnson’s Risperdal Scandal

In 1994, pharmaceutical giant Johnson & Johnson released Risperdal, an antipsychotic drug that, over the [...]