The Purpose of The Civil Justice System

Why do people believe there are too many lawsuits in America? For some reason, one common misconception about the justice system is that everyone in is suing everyone. When you hear the term “civil suit,” the next word you think of might be “frivolous.” In fact, when you Google the word, one of the first things that comes up is “frivolous lawsuit” or “frivolous litigation.”

Civil lawsuits have been in decline for decades, but corporations have continued to spend millions overtime in the media to convince the American people that civil suits are out of control. The reality is though, most civil suits are not frivolous,and the civil justice system exists for a reason. Read on to find out what the civil justice system does, and how you can use it to protect you.

What Is a Civil Case?

In criminal law, the courts deal with serious legal offenses like robbery or homicide on behalf of the United States legal system. The purpose of civil law is to settle legal disputes between parties of people, or between parties of people and corporations. Anytime you feel you have been wronged by another person, you are entitled to pursue legal action against them in civil court.

What Are Some Common Examples of Civil Cases?

Some common examples of civil law cases include:

  • Contract Law: Just like it sounds, contract law is employed in cases where one party believes another is in breach of a legal contract.
  • Tort Law: “Tort law” simply refers to any case related to personal injury or wrongdoing. Things like property damage or negligence are usually covered under tort law.
  • Property Law: The difference between property law and tort law is that property covers both personal and “real” property. That means that property law is not only used in cases where personal property is damaged, but where land and other assets have been mishandled.
  • Family Law: Family law covers any and all things family, from marriage to divorce, and adoption to child support.

What About Cases Against Corporations?

The civil justice system is instrumental when it comes to keeping corporations in line and fighting for American citizens. Just a few examples of corporations which have faced civil action overtime include:

  • Car Companies: In the 1960s, GM was sued for knowingly releasing cars with gas tanks which could cause explosive fires and accidents.
  • Toy Companies: Since 1975, the Consumer Product Safety Commission has recalled toy products containing choking hazards, led, and magnets thanks to suits in the civil justice system.
  • Oil Companies: After the Exxon Valdez oil disaster in 1989, civil lawyers worked for 20 years to force the company to clean up the spill.
Don’t believe everything you’ve heard about civil suits. Whether you’re dealing with food-poisoning or emotional distress, the civil justice system is here to help you.
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