Christian & Christian Newsletter for March 2017: Proposed Bill on Medical Malpractice Could Have Negative Effects on Your Family

Christian & Christian Newsletter for March 2017 Proposed Bill on Medical Malpractice Could Have Negative Effects on Your FamilyAccording to statistics, medical errors are the third leading cause of death in the United States. Almost a half million people die as a result of easily preventable health care mistakes, such as misdiagnosis, incorrect medication dosage, or improper intubation. People often trust their physicians implicitly, not knowing that years of education and practice mean nothing when a doctor is distracted or careless. Congress will soon be voting on a new resolution that would impose federal restrictions on cases of medical malpractice and nursing home abuse. In our March newsletter, our Greenville personal injury attorneys explain how important accountability in medicine is and how this new bill would harm individuals across the United States.

House Resolution 1215

In late March, Congress will vote on a bill which will place a cap on the maximum amount an individual or family could sue for damages. Those who support the resolution argue the caps would prevent people from bringing frivolous suits into court in pursuit of money. They also claim the caps would lower overall healthcare costs. However, studies already show these two points have little basis in evidence. The bill does nothing more than protect insurance companies and big corporations from accountability.

State Laws

What is perhaps most alarming about this resolution is that it would override state laws that already protect consumers and patients. Instead of allowing states to protect their own citizens, this bill would impose an overreaching policy which would shield corporate healthcare without regard to the patients affected by medical negligence.

We Should Protect the Vulnerable

One of the most important things at stake is the health and wellness of our elderly. Under the new bill, if caretakers are abusing and mistreating seniors in nursing homes, they wouldn’t be held accountable. Medical negligence suits are rarely about greed. Most of them happen because a medical professional, who should be trustworthy, failed in their job and caused undue suffering.

Read more about how you can help prevent this bill from passing in our March newsletter.
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