Increasing Accounts of Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse Gone Ignored

Increasing Accounts of Minnesota Nursing Home Abuse Gone IgnoredThe growing epidemic of nursing home abuse across the state of Minnesota is out of control. Every year, countless elderly loved ones are abused, assaulted, robbed, or beaten at the hands of so-called caretakers. Of the over 25,000 allegations received last year by the Minnesota Department of Health, 97% were never even investigated.

Allegations of maltreatment, negligence, abuse, and various forms of misconduct are on the rise, and the industry continues to protect those who are allegedly perpetrating these crimes. In fact, the families of these elderly loved ones are often the last to known. The facts are appalling, as the state of Minnesota is being known as one of the most unresponsive states in the nation regarding elder abuse.
The question arises as to why our elderly loved ones are not being taken care of in their later stages of life–surely if one witnessed this kind of horrific abuse occurring to a child, immediate action would be taken. Why don’t our elders deserve the same protection? The inconsistency in handling abuse allegations is an absolute disgrace, as those in need of long-term care continue to increase, though the means with which to battle abuse does not.

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