The 3 Main Types of Product Liability Cases

The 3 Main Types of Product Liability CasesAt Christian & Christian, our Greenville personal injury attorneys have met many people who have been injured by a defective or dangerous product. Unfortunately, many manufacturers still choose to prioritize profits over product safety, which leads to serious injuries and large lawsuits. While the specific products and injuries involved can vary widely, the majority of product liability cases are centered around either a poor design, a defect in manufacturing, or inadequate warnings or instructions.

Type 1: Defective or Dangerous Design

Designing a product can be a complex and challenging process, as the manufacturer generally must consider the safety, function, and aesthetics. In many cases, overlooking a single component of a product can lead to catastrophic results. For example, many children’s toys are recalled each year due to parts breaking off, which creates a choking hazard for small children.

Type 2: Defective Manufacturing

In many cases, the design of the product itself is safe and flawless, but the manufacturing process itself has led to defects. One common example of this is in the medical industry – if a drug manufacturer accidentally uses too much of a certain ingredient, the entire batch of medication could potentially be dangerous.

Type 3: Failure to Warn

A product can still be considered defective even if its design and manufacturing is flawless. You are allowed to sell a dangerous product, but you must provide adequate information for the user to actually use the product safely. Cleaning solutions are perhaps the best example of this, as they are labeled with warnings about skin and eye reactions, as well as clear instructions for use.

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While the fundamental basis for product liability claims is fairly simple to understand, proving it in court is an entirely different story. If you’ve been injured by a dangerous product, you have an obligation to pursue justice on behalf of yourself, your family, and other people who have used the product.

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