Who is Liable for Medication Errors?

Who is Liable for Medication ErrorsA medication error is one of the most damaging types of medical malpractice. When a sick or injured person is the victim of a medication error, they may suffer from side effects of an incorrect medication in addition to not receiving the treatment they need.

There are many different people who are responsible for ensuring that patients receive the proper medication. Doctors must write correct prescriptions and administer medications, pharmacists must provide medications to patients, and hospitals and corporations are responsible for ensuring drug safety throughout their organizations. These parties could be held liable for damages if they cause medication errors.

Doctor and Nurse Negligence

Doctors and nurses are ultimately responsible for providing the correct medication to their patients. To ensure a patient receives the medication they need, doctors must correctly diagnose a patient, find a medication that can treat their condition, consider any potential side effects and interactions, write a prescription, and in some cases, directly administer drugs to the patient. Negligence at any point in this process can be disastrous for patients.

Pharmacist Negligence

Pharmacists may be held liable for a medication error if the error is the result of issues with the labeling or distribution of a drug. Medication errors caused by the negligence of a pharmacist can lead to a patient or doctor receiving the incorrect medication, resulting in injuries. A pharmacist may also mix up the prescriptions of different people, causing injury to multiple parties.

Hospital and Corporate Negligence

In many cases of medical negligence, the hospital or corporation that employed the responsible party is held liable as well. The administration of a hospital is responsible for ensuring the doctors who work there are properly trained and provided with the supplies they need. Without proper training, guidance, and support, medication errors can happen and patients can be severely harmed.

When a medication error is related to issues with the drug itself, the pharmaceutical company may be liable for damages. A drug may contain toxic substances that cause harm to patients, or can be defective in treating the condition that is an advertised use. A defective or dangerous drug can leave a patient without the medication they need, and cause them to suffer from side effects.
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