Fair Staffing and Quality of Nursing Home Care

Fair Staffing and Quality of Nursing Home Care

Fair Staffing and Quality of Nursing Home CareAlthough malpractice in nursing homes has long been a concern, and is not a secret amongst the general population, it somehow continues. A great deal of light was shed on this topic in a recent article titled, “The Nursing Home Slumlord Manifesto,” whereby the author bravely exposed the mafia behind the nursing home scenes. It’s now evident that the widespread elder abuse and over-work/under-paid employee culture of nursing homes is a direct product of owner greed.

The Dark Reality of Nursing Home Ownership

This past Spring, a new reform titled the “safe staffing law” was signed into law by former New York Governor. The purpose of the reform was to ensure that the majority (70%) of nursing home revenue, most of which is government-funded, would have to be put towards patient care. This would have predominately meant putting that money towards appropriate staffing of nurses, nurses’ assistants, and other patient-care specialists, with the well-being of residents and employees at the forefront. This seems fair; shocking, even, that similar laws haven’t already been established.

Unfortunately, those who profit by the millions from the lack of proper regulation were not in favor of this proposed amendment. Which is surely why in late December of this year, the current New York Governor suspended implementation of this law. Of course, this abrupt decision “coincidentally” followed an extensive 133-page lawsuit filed by 334 of New York’s nursing homes, which asserted that the safe staffing law was unconstitutional. With the new law in place, these homes combined would miss out on $824 million in revenue.

The Truth Behind Understaffed Nursing Homes

The tired argument that there simply isn’t enough government funding for many of these facilities to be properly staffed, is now being exposed as a cover-up. It’s clear that while thousands of avoidable resident deaths occur, owners are nonchalantly raking in profits. There have even been several instances where staff was cut significantly, seemingly for the sole purpose of owners gaining more in personal revenue.

The reality is the money that should be allotted towards increased employee salaries and additional nursing staff, which would greatly support the health and safety of residents, is criminally being pocketed.

Let Christian & Christian Help

It’s imperative that we use this knowledge to make changes that will not only create a safer environment for nursing home residents and employees, but even save lives.

If you or a loved one suspect this sort of foul play in a nursing home you have experienced, or if you have worked in a nursing home that you suspect of committing similar crimes, give us a call at (864) 408-8883 for a free consultation. Our attorneys will go over your case and see if further action can be taken.

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