Signs My Spouse is Hiding Assets During Divorce

Signs My Spouse is Hiding Assets During DivorceDespite how wonderful and cohesive your union may have once been, divorce tends to bring out the worst in once-happy couples. If you are going through a divorce, it is crucial you are prepared for this process to push your ex to go extreme lengths to get what they want out of the marriage. Though it is unlawful to do so, some bitter spouses choose to hide assets to leave the marriage with as much as possible, even if it leaves their ex completely financially bereft. Therefore, you must expect a certain lack of transparency regarding marital assets including finances, businesses, retirement and pension funds, and property investments. Your spouse may attempt a number of key strategies to hide this information by highlighting their debts, exaggerating their expenses, and claiming their incoming is lower than it really is. A strongminded and skilled legal team will ensure these excuses and tactics are met with facts and evidence to prove otherwise.

Here are just a few signs your spouse may be hiding assets in your divorce, including:

  • If he or she takes spontaneous, mysterious trips abroad, this may mean they are traveling to countries where they can conduct business under lax and dubious standards.
  • If there is a sudden increase in expenses, such as randomly owing debt to friends or family, may be used as an excuse to stash money until the divorce is over.
  • Pay close attention to all shared financial accounts as your ex may start depositing less or withdrawing more from joint accounts. Review any receipts you find to ensure they match your bank or credit card statements and watch out for mail addressed only in your spouse’s name.
  • If your spouse has a business, he or she may use it for unexplained expenses under the guise of paying nonexistent employees or other deceptive practices.
  • If your spouse buys expensive gifts and makes lavish purchases, this could be an attempt to hide large amounts of money.

How Can I Find Hidden Assets?

Regardless of the details of your marriage, you are entitled to the truth and the right family law attorney will deliver it to you. Remember, you have a right to a fair portion of marital assets and it is not up to your ex to make this decision on your behalf. In addition to the hiring of a top-rated divorce attorney, you can assemble a team of specialists who will pursue any hidden income or assets. These experts can include forensic accountants or private investigators.

Hire a Trustworthy Divorce Attorney To Fight For Your Rights

If you suspect your ex is attempting to keep you from what you deserve by withholding assets and manipulating these assets in their favor, don’t wait to reach out to our compassionate team at Christian & Christian. We are wholly invested in resolving your needs as seamlessly as possible.

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